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GRADE GUIDE is a versatile and flexible program used for the storing, retrieving, analyzing, and reporting of students' grades. The program not only provides all the functions available in a traditional teacher's gradebook, but its selection, reporting, and statistical features allow a teacher to perform with ease useful and important gradebook tasks that would be too cumbersome using a traditional gradebook. The program is available for MS-DOS/Windows computers. GRADE GUIDE has all the features you've been looking for in grading software:

Fast set-up
Extensive on-line help
Easy-to-follow menus
Up to ten grade periods
Password protection of files
NONE grades for incomplete work
Reading names and grades from files
Compatible with Microsoft Access and Excel Files
Up to 6000 grades per student and no class size limit
User-defined grade categories such as EXAM, QUIZ, or HOMEWORK
Flexible grade formats using numbers, letters, or user-supplied words
Selecting students for special processing based on your criteria
Includes copy and paste operations, and font and margin control
Weighting each grade and each category for calculating averages
Text NOTES, such as addresses, comments, or special grades
Statistical reports and graphs of students' performances
Form letters and grade reports designed by you

New GRADE GUIDE 6 for Windows is here and includes:

Classroom seating charts
Sending custom e-mails to your students or parents
Class web sites that allow your students to see their password protected grades

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